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The 'tgx_sess' parameter

What is the “tgx_sess” parameter?💡

The “tgx_sess” parameter includes the sessionID value of a Reservation's corresponding Valuation. It can be found in your Legacy Pull Buyers API logs, both in your Valuation response and Reservation request.

How can I use the “tgx_sess” parameter in Logging?

You can use the “tgx_sess” to check the Valuation logs for a specific Reservation (for instance, to check its cancel policies). In order to do so, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Reservation logs through our Stats or Logging APPs.
  2. Find the parameter “tgx_sess” in your Reservation request: it includes the sessionID value of its corresponding Valuation. For example:
    <Parameter key="tgx_sess  value="c0c89c0c-29a3-40ff-8c7b-bd179c57faea"/>
  3. Click on “Search by reference” or “Search by session ID” and fill in the fields:
    1. Search by reference new_logging_5
    2. Search by session ID new_logging_6
  4. Click on Search and Logging will return the Valuation logs for that specific Reservation.

Please be sure that you select the correct time range to which the reference or Session ID belongs; otherwise, results will not be displayed.