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Explore and Discover GIATA Products in Our Marketplace

Our Partnership with GIATA has introduced three cutting-edge Solutions to our Marketplace:

  1. GIATA Multicodes (Hotel Mapping)
  2. GIATA Hotel Directory (GIATA Drive)
  3. GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide (MHG)

GIATA Multicodes (Hotel Mapping)🏨

TravelgateX previously offered this solution as GIATA Universal Hotel Codes. There are no costs associated with accessing your GIATA hotel codes through TravelgateX; all we need are your credentials. To utilize this solution, it is necessary to enter into a commercial agreement with GIATA.

You will find more information on GIATA Multicodes here.

GIATA Hotel Directory (GIATA Drive)🌟

Unlock the full potential of GIATA Hotel Directory content in our Marketplace, completely free of charge!

This service is open to all wholesalers and travel companies looking to utilize verified and up-to-date content directly sourced from the properties. With approximately 35,000 properties, this solution offers a wide range of content and images.


You will find more information on GIATA Hotel Directory here.

GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide (MHG)🌍

Experience the power of this solution that provides extensive, standardized full-text descriptions in 25 languages for over 450,000 hotels. With a collection of approximately 1.5 million high-definition (HD) or 4K images for over 87,000 properties, this solution is continuously expanding.

To utilize this solution, it is necessary to establish a commercial agreement with GIATA.

Have any doubts or inquiries? Our amazing Customer Care team is just a ticket away. Reach out to them via Tickets, and they will be more than happy to help you out 🚀