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About our Community

At Travelgate, we cherish the value of community. We're excited to launch our latest initiative: a Discord Server (ideas-hub) designed specifically for our active network of users, partners, and developers. This platform is more than a communication tool; it's a hub for cultivating ideas, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation forward.

Discord’s versatility perfectly complements our vision at TravelgateX. The platform supports real-time communication through instant messaging, voice chats, and video calls, ensuring rapid and efficient interactions. Additionally, it offers high-quality streaming capabilities crucial for hosting webinars, live demonstrations, and other virtual events. This ensures our community can enjoy rich, interactive experiences, irrespective of their physical location.


Curious about TravelgateX’s new Discord Server for its community? Learn more here! 🚀

Who we are

Our community includes Travelgate employees, Partners, travel tech enthusiasts, product experts, and, anyone passionate about travel technology.

How Your Ideas and Reactions Impact TravelgateX

While we can’t implement every suggestion, we value each one and take them seriously. Every idea and comment is reviewed, and the community can react with a ⭐ to the ideas that most resonate with their challenges and needs. Your input is essential, so keep it coming!

Join the Conversation!

We’re thrilled to provide this space for our Partners to collaborate with us. The feedback, engagement, and collaboration so far have been fantastic, and we’re excited about the journey ahead. This forum will continually evolve and improve, thanks to your contributions.

Submitting Your Ideas

  1. Search Before You Post: Before submitting your idea, ensure it hasn’t already been suggested. If a similar idea exists, react with a ⭐ and add your comments to enhance it further.
  2. Be Clear and Concise: When posting, clearly describe the problem your idea addresses and what you aim to achieve.

Reacting and Commenting

  1. Show Your Support: Click the ⭐ to support ideas you like. This helps us understand what’s important to our community.
  2. Add Context: Share your thoughts in the comments to help us understand the context and nuances of your idea.

What Happens Next?

Your feedback is key to influencing our product teams. Here’s how your contributions shape our development process:

  1. Idea Review: We review each idea and consider it alongside feedback from other teams and systems.
  2. Prioritization: Ideas are evaluated based on various criteria, including company vision, strategy, and broader business needs.
  3. Feedback Integration: While we may not implement every idea, we aim to address the underlying issues you highlight.

Implementation Possibilities

Your idea could be prioritized and implemented, or it may inspire us to make changes that address the core issue you’re pointing out. While we can’t promise specific timelines or implementations, we assure you that your feedback will be taken seriously and considered in our product discovery process.

Thank you for contributing to the Travelgate Ideas Hub. Your insights help us build better products and and create a more impactful customer experience.

Let’s innovate together! 🚀