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Intuitive, flexible and customisable APIs connecting Buyers and Sellers across the Travel Industry.

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Travelgate offers customized API solutions to enhance travel operations, providing two main types of API connections for Buyers and Sellers: Pull APIs and Push APIs.

Hotel-X Pull Buyers API

Hotel-X API allows you to get results from the largest network of Sellers in a single request. It enables access to static information, booking and reservation management.

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Channel-X Push Buyers API

Channel-X API extracts products loaded into our Inventory tool and pushes them to the Buyer’s system. Note that to enable bookings, it is essential to also develop Hotel-X API.

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Hotel Push Sellers API

By combining Inventory tool and the Hotel Push Sellers API, Sellers can push their products into Travelgate database, making them accessible to Buyers.

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Explore Travelgate APPs

If you don’t have an API in your tech stack, aren’t integrated with any tech platform, or simply want to maximize our apps, Travelgate offers user-friendly, tailored solutions.


In our Inventory extranet we will give you the tools to setup hotels, rates and rooms contracted with the hoteliers, allowing channel managers to push availability and prices.

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With Distribution you will be able to configure distribution rules to connect your B2B Buyers effortless and access all Sellers from our Marketplace.

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Knowledge Base

Are your already engaged in buying and selling? Our Knowledge Base provides answers to all your doubts. Explore our articles for solutions to concerns, technical issues, web usage and beyond.

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Explore the latest feature releases and share your ideas and suggestions.

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Status page

Check the status of our services in real time.

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Integrations Roadmap

Take a look at Travelgate’s Seller API Development Roadmap.

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