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List of FAQs

Getting Started with TravelgateX
Are you a Buyer?
  1. What resources are available for Hotel-X?
  2. What headers should I add to my Hotel-X requests?
  3. What languages does Hotel-X API support?
  4. What is an Apikey?
  5. What is an Access?
  6. What is a Client?
  7. What is a Context?
  8. What's the difference between access and context?
  9. Is it mandatory to specify a timeout in my request?
  10. Which timeout should I establish in each step?
  11. What happens if I set a higher timeout than the ones allowed at TravelgateX API?
  12. My Legacy API request contains two timeout tags, what distinguishes one from the other?
  13. What is the id (optionRefId) of an option?
  14. What is the lifetime of an OptionRefId?
  15. If I encounter an error in the Hotel-X QuoteRS, can I continue using the same Search "id" from Search?
  16. Is it possible to use the OptionRefId to implement any logic in my API?
  17. Can I apply any filters to my Search request?
  18. Can I search by destination?
  19. Are there any limitations on the number of searches/minute?
  20. Does nationality or market affect the price returned?
  21. Can we define our own context for 2 or more Suppliers?
  22. How can we differentiate a child from an infant? What is the age range of each of them?
  23. Can I receive a specific rate in Search response?
  24. Can I receive daily prices in Search response?
  25. Can I filter the Hotel-X Search results by payment type?
  26. What is the lifespan of the Search id?
  27. How does Hotel-X Single Mode work?
  28. How does Hotel-X Multimode work?
  29. How can I optimize a high percentage of no availability?
  30. How can I filter my Search requests?
  31. How can I set up Business Rules in my requests?
  32. What is the occupancyrefID in SearchRS?
  33. Can I split the rooms returned within an Option and book them separately?
  34. What is the max. number of rooms and paxes/room allowed per reservation?
  35. What does the "units" field indicate in the "rooms" node of the SearchRS response?
  36. Do options get blocked in Hotel-X Quote Query?
  37. Are there any limitations on the number of Hotel-X Quote requests allowed per minute?
  38. Do I have to perform a Quote Query in order to Book an option?
  39. Is there any possibility to obtain RoomCodes in Quote?
  40. What should I do if I receive a status RQ in Quote response?
  41. What is the DeltaPrice?
  42. Will the currency in Book be the same as the currency in Quote?
  43. Do I have to provide real names and ages for all the passengers?
  44. How can I add remarks to a Book request?
  45. What payment details should I add to my Book request?
  46. What is a BookingID?
  47. What does the status in a reservation response indicate?
  48. What should I do if I receive both an OK status and an error in the same Book response?
  49. How can I obtain the Hotel Confirmation Number (HCN)?
  50. How are cancellation costs calculated and displayed?
  51. Is it possible to retrieve the cancellation costs without canceling the option?
  52. In a reservation for 2 rooms, if two rooms have the same cancellation policy, should the cancellation penalties be summed up in the node for the option?
  53. What does the status in a cancel response indicate?
  54. What should I do if I receive an error in Cancel response?
  55. How can I retrieve the details of a booking?
  56. How can I retrieve a list of all bookings made within a specific time frame?
  57. Can I search hotels by destination?
  58. How can I know the total amount of properties returned in Hotels Query?
  59. What is the difference between "hotelCode" and "hotelCodeSupplier"?
  60. What hotel codes should I map as Buyer?
  61. Will I receive availability results for all the properties within a Seller's portfolio?
  62. How should I utilize the zone and city nodes in my Destinations Query response?
  63. What destination codes should I map as a Buyer?
  64. Will I receive availability results for all the destinations returned in the Seller's destination list?
  65. Is it my responsibility to map Hotel-X Rooms? Or does TravelgateX provide mapping support?
  66. What is a token (ContinuationToken)?
  67. What is the expiration time for the ContinuationToken?
  68. Can I obtain the list of amenities available at TravelgateX?
  69. How can I access the list of TravelgateX errors?
  70. How can I access my B2B Virtual Agency?
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