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This is a comprehensive GraphQL API designed to streamline the handling of static information and master data for the travel industry. This API enables both Buyers and Sellers to efficiently set up, load, and retrieve crucial data necessary for establishing and maintaining their stock. It supports the complete setup of hotels, including the creation of rates, rooms and offers.

This API mirrors the capabilities available on our existing Inventory Extranet but with the added benefits that come from API integration, such as automation, improved efficiency, and reduced likelihood of human error.

What sets this API apart is its use of GraphQL technology, which allows users to precisely define the data they require, reducing the overhead and increasing the efficiency of data transfer. The API also supports asynchronous operations, ensuring that your system can handle large volumes of data without performance bottlenecks.

Highlights of the Inventory Set Up GraphQL API include:

  • Efficient Data Management: Directly manage and update hotel information, room details, rate plans, and more.
  • Dynamic Updates: Load and update availability and pricing information quickly to reflect real-time changes.
  • Error Reduction: Automate data entry and updates to minimize errors and inconsistencies.
  • Scalability: Designed to handle operations at scale, making it suitable for both small vendors and large enterprise operations.

By integrating the Inventory Set Up GraphQL API, you can expect a smoother, more responsive workflow that keeps your inventory up-to-date and accurately represented across all channels.

Let's Get Started: Power up your Inventory management!

Dive into the GraphQL methods of our newest API, designed to perfect your setup, simplify updates, and ensure complete control over your own stock.

  • Explore the Making Requests section to dive deep into how a GraphQL API works and maximize its performance.
  • Explore various queries and mutations grouped by the following section: Overview