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Travelgate provides customized APP solutions to enhance travel operations.

On one hand, Distribution empowers you, as a Seller, to manage pricing rules, filters, and blacklists for each of your Buyers connected through Travelgate. These rules can be applied at both the agency (Buyer) and provider (Seller) levels, and can also be extended to designated hotels, date ranges, or markets. This level of control allows you to finely tailor your company's distribution strategy.

On the other hand, Inventory enables you to connect with major Channel Managers, allowing you to focus on what truly matters most – contracting! In our extranet, we provide you with tools to set up hotels, rates, and rooms contracted with hoteliers, create user accesses for your providers, and check your bookings, among other options.

Furthermore, if an API is not part of your tech stack or you are not integrated with any tech platform, worry not! By combining our two apps, Inventory and Distribution, Sellers can market their products to an extensive array of Travelgate Buyers. You can easily establish your hotels on our Inventory Extranet and manually input data. Sellers also have the privilege of connecting with third-party vendors to expand your product spectrum. Once everything is set up, Sellers can leverage our Distribution Extranet to engage with various Buyers and enforce bespoke business regulations. Although this mode of connectivity might require more developmental and maintenance effort, it serves as a brilliant substitute for Sellers who don't have an API.