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Travelgate is a connectivity marketplace that brings together Buyers and Sellers of travel product. Our cutting-edge technology has earned the trust and confidence of major industry players as well as specialized providers worldwide.

No longer do travel agencies and websites have to go through the hassle of integrating multiple APIs to access different Sellers' products. With Travelgate, you only need one single integration to our API and you instantly gain access to a wide range of travel opportunities, enabling a fast and seamless integration and unbeatable time-to-market.

For Buyers, integrating with our API means you get a standardized feed from all your Sellers. No more dealing with multiple integrations! Adding a new Seller is as simple as signing a contract with them, without the need for any additional integration work.

Sellers, get ready to expand your reach! Our Network offers unmatched distribution options. Whether you're a Tour Operator, OTA, Bedbank, or DMC, Travelgate provides a platform where you can sell your products and even cross-sell to a diverse pool of potential customers. The opportunities are endless in our bustling Marketplace.

Tech Platforms, such as Channel Managers, PMS, CRS, Tour Operation Platforms and other tech providers can benefit from our APIs not only to expand their offerings, but also to reach an unprecedented number of Partners and generate more business to boost their revenue. Please check our Reseller and Affiliate programs to learn more about how to make money using our APIs.