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The Cancel operation allows you to cancel a booking made via TravelgateX. The returned fields include: ProviderLocator, CancelId, TransactionStatus, Price etc.

Cancel Request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv = "" xmlns:ns = "" xmlns:wsse = "">
<CancelRQ xmlns:xsi = "" xmlns:xsd = "" hotelCode = "">
<Parameter key = "UrlListHotels" value = ""></Parameter>
<Parameter key = "Access" value = "22334"></Parameter>
<Holder title = "Miss" name = "Test11" surname = "TestAp11"/>

Request Data Breakdown

CancelRQ1Root node.
@hotelCode1StringHotel code.
CancelRQ/Locators1Locator Information (it's mandatory to indicate either the client or supplier's).
Locators/Client0..1StringClient locator.
Locators/Provider0..1StringSupplier locator.
Locators/Property0..1StringProperty locator (see MetaData method in order to verify if the supplier implements it).
CancelRQ/StartDate1StringStart date of booking.
CancelRQ/EndDate1StringEnd date of booking.
CancelRQ/Holder0..1Holder of the booking.
@title1StringHolder’s title. Possible values: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms
@name1StringHolder's name.
@surname1StringHolder's surname.

Cancel Response

After each request, you will process the data and provide a response. Upon receiving a Cancel request, you will need to send a corresponding Cancel response.

The response options include either success or an error. In the event of success, you will send the transaction status.


<Price currency="EUR" amount="120.5" binding="false" commission="-1" minimumSellingPrice="-1"/>

Success Response Data Breakdown

CancelRS1Root node.
CancelRS/ProviderLocator1StringSupplier locator.
CancelRS/CancelId0..1StringCancellation id.
CancelRS/TransactionStatus1Transaction Status.
TransactionStatus/ComunicationStatus1StringStatus communication (OFFLINE, OK and KO).
Response Status
Status Description
EXISTECANCELADA exists but it's cancelled
NO_EXISTE Does not exist
Reservation Status
Status Code Description
OK The reservation was completed with no problems.
RQ The reservation was completed but the product is still not available, so the reservation goes into a waiting list (Request).
CN The reservation was completed but due to a supplier error or a timeout the system will immediately cancel the reservation to prevent further possible errors.
UN The reservation was completed but due to a supplier error or a timeout, the reservation status is unknown. It is the client’s responsibility to check if the booking is OK.
CancelRS/Price0..1DecimalFee for the cancellation. (see MetaData in order to verify if supplier informs of it).
@currency1StringCurrency code (Our system uses a standard ISO - 3 for all suppliers).
@binding1BooleanIf binding is set as true, then the client can’t sell the product for a lower price that the one set by the supplier. If it set as as false, the client can sell the product for a lower price.
Commission Scenarios
Commission Description
0 The price returned is net.
-1 The supplier has not supplied the sale price nor the commission. This information is in the commercial contract with the supplier.
Greater than 0 X = % of the commission applied to the amount.
@minimumSellingPrice1DecimalIndicates the minimum selling price it can be sold (determined by the Seller). If is specified (different than "-1"), that field takes preference to amount.
Minimum Selling Price Scenarios
Minimum Selling Price Description
0 No minimum selling price is provided.
-1 We have no information about MSP from the Seller.
Greater than 0 The lowest possible amount that can be sold commercially.


<description>Communication Error.</description>
Error codes that you will need to include in the response in the event of an error
Error CodeError Description
101System Exception (Exception not controlled or not classified as general exception).
102Supplier Error.
103Too many requests to the supplier.
104Timeout (Timeout during the execution of an operation (look in the common attribute timeout )).
105Communication Error.
204Supplier returns 0 results in availability.
205The Supplier doesn’t accept the distribution RQ.
206The Supplier doesn’t accept the dates RQ.
207The Supplier doesn’t accept the request RQ.
301Option not found in policies.
302Hotel Not Found in DescriptiveInfo.
303Booking not confirmed in the supplier’s system.