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Delete, Deactivate and Activate Product

If a hotel, rate or room is deleted, it is erased in the system, and it's not possible to retrieve it. The information is not recoverable, so if you deleted it by mistake, you will have to set it up it again and reload prices, allotment(number of rooms available), etc.

If you deactivate a hotel, rate or room it will remain in the system but it will not be visible when doing an availability search request. To have the hotel, rate or room available again you will have to re-activate it.

In the following image you will see the three action buttons to activate, deactivate or delete a element.

Inventory Delete, Deactivate and Activate Product

In case there are any hotels, rates, derived rates or rooms deactivated, they will appear on a red background, as you can see in the previous image for hotel "Just Sleep Jiaoxi"