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What is Travelgate and how can it help me?

Most read articles in Travelgate's Knowledge Base

Master the essentials of seamless connectivity – Explore the most popular articles in TravelgateX's Knowledge Base and uncover the full potential of our solutions!

My Connections

Explore the 'My Connections' section to view and manage all of your current connections. Utilize advanced filters to sort them by status, type, and activity status, tailoring the display to your operational needs.

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Hotel-X Credentials

Get your account up and running smoothly – visit our APP section for clear instructions on how to verify your Hotel-X credentials and manage your access details.

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Quick-Guide to Activations

I want to request a new connection, what should I do?

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Errors and Warnings

Navigate through our detailed guide on errors and warnings – this section is dedicated to helping users effectively resolve any issues encountered while interacting with the Hotel Buyers API.

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Explore GIATA Products in our Marketplace

Our collaboration with GIATA has enriched the Marketplace with three innovative solutions: 'GIATA Multicodes' for efficient hotel mapping, 'GIATA Hotel Directory' (GIATA Drive) for detailed accommodations information, and the 'GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide' (MHG) for expansive hotel descriptions.

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What is Hotel-X and why should i develop it?

Hotel-X Pull Buyers API is a GraphQL-based powerful aggregating API. A single connection provides you a gateway to the largest Network of Buyers and Sellers, trusted by industry leaders and niche providers around the world.

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What is the difference between Pull and Push Sellers?

Learn about the mechanics of XML integration, the indispensable link that enables communication between Buyer and Seller systems. In this section, we break down the nuances between pull and push types of integrations, helping you understand which best fits your technical requirements.

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Join a community of builders

Explore the latest feature releases and share your ideas and suggestions.

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Status page

Check the status of our services in real time.

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Integrations Roadmap

Take a look at Travelgate’s Seller API Development Roadmap.

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