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Why should I develop Hotel Push Sellers API?

Boost Your Business with TravelgateX🚀

TravelgateX provides Channel Managers with the opportunity to integrate our Hotel Push Sellers API, allowing them to quickly start selling to our network of Buyers (to understand the distinction between a PULL and a PUSH Connection, click here).

Once you've successfully integrated our "Hotel Push Sellers API," you'll have the power to effortlessly push your product to multiple client connections via TravelgateX. And the best part? You can start selling to our extensive network of Buyers as soon as you finish the development process. It's a seamless and efficient way to expand your reach and boost your sales in no time!

What are the advantages of developing TravelgateX Hotel Push Sellers API?🏨

  1. No Queues: As the development is done by your IT Team you won’t depend on TravelgateX to start developing, and as soon as you finish the development you will be able to start selling.
  2. TravelgateX Tech Support: We're here to support you not only during the onboarding process but at all times.
  3. Easy XML API: Our API is incredibly easy to implement. We use XML as a language and provide clear and straightforward methods for development.
  4. No Maintenance on TravelgateX side: You have full control over maintenance and changes. Any updates or resolutions depend solely on your team, eliminating the need to rely on TravelgateX.
  5. Client Avail Traffic Supported by TravelgateX: We support all Avail requests sent by your clients as the product is loaded onto our database.
  6. Fast Connectivity: Once a connection is requested, the activation process becomes simple and faster. You no longer need to manually load your product through our Extranet for your clients.

Don't forget to check our Full Documentation for more information on our Inventory Extranet and all its functionalities!🚀