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GIATA Hotel Directory

What is GIATA Hotel Directory?🚀

With the hotel distribution landscape expanding rapidly, hotels are facing difficulties managing their content across various B2C sites. To tackle this issue, GIATA has introduced GIATA Hotel Directory for B2B Partners, a content solution available for free to all wholesalers and travel companies seeking up-to-date, validated content directly from the properties.

What are the benefits and features of GIATA Hotel Directory?📷

It is available for free to all wholesalers and travel companies. Now you have the opportunity to explore a wide range of content and images for around 35,000 properties without any cost.

Imagine having a valuable and easily manageable source of fresh content readily available to you. You'll have access to up-to-date and validated content directly from the properties themselves. No more outdated or unreliable information. Simplify your content management strategy and save valuable time and effort. No more struggling to keep your content consistent across multiple Platforms. With this solution, you can effortlessly manage your content and ensure it's always up-to-date.


How can I request an activation for GIATA Hotel Directory?✔️

  1. Log onto TravelgateX (browse as Buyer)

  2. Click on Connections→My Conections→Create a new Connection

  3. Request an activation for GIATA (Seller) following the indications from our Auto-Activations Quick-guide


  4. That's it! Once the activation is complete, we will notify you promptly, allowing you to begin enjoying this content. Additionally, you can access it conveniently in our Connections Content section.




Are you interested in GIATA Multicodes as well? Simply follow the easy steps outlined in the following link.