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How to Retrieve Web Logs from TravelgateX Website

Why are TravelgateX website logs important?💡

At times, our team may need to review your web logs to examine your connection to our website and address any potential issues.

How can I obtain TravelgateX website logs?🛠️

  1. Log onto TravelgateX website

  2. Click F12 or right-click and select "Inspect". Then, you will be able to visualize a new tab in your screen.

  3. Once in that tab, elect "Console" secondary tab.


  4. Browse our website, some text will appear on the "Inspect" section.

  5. Right-click the Console section and select "Save as", it will generate a log file.


  6. Select now the "Network" tab and click the "Export HAR…" button, it will generate another log file.


  7. Provide us with both log files and the e-mail that the user used to log in.


Have any doubts or inquiries? Our amazing Customer Care team is just a ticket away. Reach out to them via Tickets, and they will be more than happy to help you out 🚀