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About us

What is TravelgateX and how can it help me?💡

TravelgateX operates as a Connectivity Marketplace, bringing together Buyers and Sellers of travel product. Our cutting-edge technology has earned the trust and confidence of major industry players as well as specialized providers worldwide.

Gone are the days when travel agencies and websites had to go through the hassle of integrating multiple APIs to access different Sellers' products. With TravelgateX, all it takes is one single integration to our API and you instantly gain access to a wide range of travel opportunities, enabling a fast and seamless integration and unbeatable time-to-market.

For Buyers, integrating with our API means you get a standardized feed from all your Sellers. No more dealing with multiple integrations! Adding a new Seller is as simple as signing a contract with them, without the need for any additional integration work.

Sellers, get ready to expand your reach! Our Network offers unmatched distribution options. Whether you're a Tour Operator, OTA, Bedbank, or DMC, TravelgateX provides a platform where you can sell your products and even cross-sell to a diverse pool of potential customers. The opportunities are endless in our bustling Marketplace.


Read the story of how TravelgateX came to be directly from our very own Founder here.

Who else are you already working with?🔎

Connectivity is a fundamental aspect of any business, and finding the right Partners is key. We are proud to have established Partnerships with renowned Industry references such as Agoda, Expedia, British Airways Holidays,,, Hotelbeds, On the Beach, Love Holidays, Avoris, Logitravel, and many more. These esteemed companies have joined our Network and are already reaping the benefits of our extensive connectivity ecosystem.

Who can we connect with?🚀

At TravelgateX, we take pride in having one of the largest networks of Partners worldwide. Check out our website for a full list.

How can I become a Partner at TravelgateX?🌟

If you haven't connected with TravelgateX yet, don't worry. Simply sign up with us on our website by clicking on "Contact Travelgate" and filling out the form (it only takes 2 minutes). Our team will contact you as soon as possible.


Thank you for choosing us as your Travel Partner!

Our Core Values:

Connect to the largest travel Network with a single integration.
World-class technology with the most advanced travel APIs available.
Trusted by Industry leaders and niche providers everywhere.