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How to connect to a Channel Manager via TravelgateX

What can I expect when connecting to a Channel Manager?🚀

  • As a Buyer, you will be able to use our Inventory Extranet to create the Setup/Structure of the hotels, rates and rooms contracted with the Channel Manager/Hotels. Please note that the SetUp should be based on what you've agreed with each Hotel. Besides, you will be able to get/book the Inventory via our API.
  • The Channel Manager will be able to extract the codes of the hotels, rates and rooms created and map them against their data in order to load availability and rates into our system.

How can I connect to a Channel Manager?💡

  1. Log onto our website and browse as a Buyer. Please keep in mind that to connect to a Channel Manager, you need to be a registered Buyer on TravelgateX. If you haven't integrated with us yet, please refer to our articles on how to Get Started as a New Buyer on TravelgateX.
  2. Check out the Channel Managers available in our Network , selecting the Partner category Tech Platform>Channel Manager.
  3. Make sure you check with the hotel and the Channel the commercials (agreement, financial terms, etc.) and don't forget to inform them that you will connect to them via TravelgateX.
  4. Request your activation via our website>My Connections. You will find a complete guideline on how to request an activation here.
  5. We will generate all the necessary credentials for you to access our Inventory Extranet and we will process your activation to the Channel Manager.
  6. Once the activation is ready and operative on TravelgateX, we will deliver the access/configuration to connect to the Channel via API and the Inventory Extranet credentials after making different configuration settings in our system.
  7. Once you have access to the Inventory Extranet you can watch the TravelgateX Academy videos and check our Extranet Documentation to get acquainted with all the functionalities available for you.
  8. Next, you should create a pilot hotel specifically for conducting product loading tests. You can refer to the "SetUp section" in our Documentation to learn how to create it. We suggest using an actual hotel that you plan to work with, as conducting tests with real product will make it easier to transition smoothly to the live phase afterwards.

Feel free to access the following link for more information on our Inventory Extranet 📚