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Status in Book response

What does the status in a reservation response indicate?โ€‹

Once a Book (Reservation) method is run, our API response will provide its Book status. This status represents the current status of the reservation and can be categorized into four possible values: OK, ON_REQUEST, UNKNOWN and PENDING_COMMIT.

What are the different values that can be assigned to the Book status?๐Ÿ”Žโ€‹

  1. OK: The reservation was completed with no problems.
  2. ON_REQUEST: The reservation was completed but the product is still not available by the Seller, so the reservation goes into a waiting list. It is the Buyerโ€™s responsibility to check if the booking is OK.
    Please note that a Book status may change over time: you may receive an ON_REQUEST status in Book response, and after running a Booking Query some seconds later the status may have already changed to OK.
  3. UNKNOWN: The reservation process through TravelgateX was completed but due to a supplier error or a timeout, the reservation status is unknown (our system was unable to confirm if the booking has been confirmed or not the on Seller's system). It is the Buyerโ€™s responsibility to check if the booking is OK.

What should I do if I receive an OK status and an error in the same Book response?โ€‹

If you receive an error + booking status OK in BookRS (ReservationRS), the reservation status prevails over the error.


Although you may also run a Booking Query in order to check the status of a reservation, please note that you should always contact the Seller in order to check the actual status of a booking in those cases you receive a booking status different than OK or no response at all.