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Stats: Color Guide

You might have noticed that some of your connections sport a yellow or red background. Don't worry, we're here to provide you with a heads-up on their status. In our bustling Marketplace, where thousands of connections generate over 6 billion searches and more than 30,000 bookings each day, we have a wealth of data at our disposal. With this rich information, we can calculate the typical error ratios for each step of the booking flow, and we're thrilled to share those insights with you!

When a connection has no color, it means its error ratio is excellent, performing flawlessly in terms of performance. A yellow connection indicates it's working well, but there's potential for improvement. Fine-tuning some error ratios could make it even better. On the other hand, a red connection suggests the error ratio needs reviewing, as there may be errors that could be further reduced! Keep an eye on these indicators to ensure top-notch performance for your connections.


Each scorecard displays a percentage of NOK (not OK) transactions, along with an informative icon. Hover over the icon, and a tooltip will pop up, revealing the typical percentage these ratios should be below.




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