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Guidelines for Submitting a Ticket to Our Support Team

Tips and recommendations for raising tickets in our Portal

At TravelgateX, we take our tickets seriously and are committed to providing top-notch support. To ensure we address your issues efficiently and effectively, here are some valuable recommendations:

Check our Knowledge Base first🔎

Before raising a ticket via "Tickets", we recommend you take a look at our Knowledge Base since it's possible that someone has already reported the same issue in the past, and we may have a solution or procedure for you to follow. This can save you time and empower you to autonomously resolve the issue.

Separate tickets for different connections or issues⚠️

If you have multiple connections or issues that need analysis, please raise a separate ticket for each one. Each integration has its own specifications, and not all errors are caused by the same root issue. By creating separate tickets, our team can focus on each problem individually and find the most effective solution.

Keep updates in one thread✔️

If you need additional details or updates on an ongoing ticket, please don't create a new ticket or email thread. Instead, reply to the existing thread for that specific case. This ensures that all the information is stored in one place and avoids miscommunications.

Select the right option/category💡

When creating a ticket, make sure to select the appropriate option or category that best describes your issue or request. This helps us categorize and prioritize tickets, making it easier and faster for our team to address the problem.

What information does our Support team need?🛠️

If you're reporting an issue, please provide the following details:

  • Connectivity information: Include the names of the Buyer and Seller, the credentials to be analyzed (AccessCode/s), the method used (Search, Quote, Book, etc.), and a description of the issue or error encountered.
  • TravelgateX logs: These logs are essential for our analysis. If you're a Seller reporting an error from one of your Buyers, please provide the complete RQ/RS logs generated by the Buyer when using the TravelgateX API. If you're a Buyer, please ensure you share the complete RQ/RS logs from your end. If you come across any errors in the Booking Flow and Management, kindly provide us with the method's timestamp, along with the supplier/client references and, if applicable, the bookingID.
  • If you're experiencing an error on your website, please check our Knowledge Base for instructions on how to retrieve web logs.
  • We would greatly appreciate any additional snapshots or information you can provide. Your contribution is highly valued.

Minor API Updates by Sellers🚀

If you're a Seller and need to inform us about an API update (minor API update/maintenance API update), please make sure to provide your updated API Documentation for thorough analysis.