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204 error - No results found

What does a 204 error mean?💡

The 204 error is returned whenever a Seller does not return any results for the specific Search criteria set in the Buyer's request (e.g. hotel, dates, market, etc.).

This error is mostly returned in Search response, but it can also be returned in Quote or Book response in those cases the integration requires an additional Search to the Seller for that specific method.

Remember that, as a Buyer, you can also check the Seller's response by setting the auditTransactions to "true" in your Search request.


You will find more information on how to audit Seller's transactions here.

What can I do if I receive a 204 error in my response?✔️

  1. First of all, you should check that the product requested is returned within your Seller's portfolio, otherwise, please force an update in order to receive their latest information.
  2. If you're connected to TravelgateX via our Hotel-X API and use your own context, it's important you ensure that your mapping file is updated (more information on Hotel-X Mapping files, here).
  3. If the product requested is included within the Seller's portfolio, you should then check that the Seller returns availability for your credentials via the integration. For further information about the Seller's response, remember to set the auditTransactions to true in your Search request (more information on retrieving Seller transactions, here).
  4. If the Seller does not return results for your credentials via the integration (auditData information), please contact them directly to confirm that your request is valid for both:
    1. Your credentials
    2. The Search criteria set in your request
  5. Should the Seller confirm that they are returning results (for your credentials and specific Search criteria) but you are still receiving a 204 error, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team and provide us the complete RQ/RS logs run on your side, plus the availability OK transactions by the Seller for further investigation.